Sweet Little Moments

Most mornings, Jace is the first of the kids to get up. During the week, he’ll catch me in the middle of yoga, sit beside me on the mat and mimic what I’m doing. It’s pretty cute. On weekends, he’ll crawl into my bed and just stare at me.

I feel him breathing beside me and it makes me relax. I allowed each of my kids to sleep with me when they were infants, and although nights were difficult most of the time, I do miss having them close to me.

When I peek through one eye, he says, “Mommy, will you love me forever and ever?”

Yes Jace. I will love you forever and ever 🙂


9 thoughts on “Sweet Little Moments

  1. Anonymous

    Cherish these moments! I remember those days like yesterday. I must say especially Ryan and Jordan saying wonderful things, rubbing my hand or cheek while sleeping beside me or me just rocking them to sleep. Uncle Michel used to say to M’mere when he was 3yrs old. “Ma I’m going to marry you when I get bigger.” M’mere would say “you will find a nice girl to marry, you can’t marry your mom.” All these stories bring back so many memories of you kids, It makes me cry happy and sad tears. I absolutely love it. Keep going. xo


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