365 days of Gratitude: Dinner with Girlfriends

I love food.

I love the different smells and variety of textures; the way colours can be beautifully contrasted on a plate, and the way wildly different tastes can complement each other. I find such joy when a biteful of artfully prepared food comes together to awaken all of the senses.

I am not a fan of cooking however, so one of life’s greatest pleasures for me is dining out.

Although I enjoy  any gift that Jon carefully selects for me, I would choose a nice meal at a new, or one of our favourite restaurants over anything else. Not only does it provide a much needed respite from the busyness of our everyday lives, or uninterrupted conversation in the absence of our children, but being able to reconnect every once in a while lets us continue to foster the friendship that we’ve built, creates an intimacy that is hard to maintain nowadays, and reminds us why we came together 15 years ago in the first place.

Dining out really is about the experience that accompanies the food after all, isn’t it?

A very close second to having dinner with my husband, is meeting up with a fantastic group of girlfriends for a little dinner, glassfuls of wine, and great conversation.

Last night, four of us met up at a little Mediterranean place for a much-needed night out. For two of us, it was a new experience, and for all of us, it was a true re-kindling of soul-sisterhood.

We were tended to by an incredibly statuesque young girl with beautiful skin and a kind smile; whose eyes were lined like women in ancient Egyptian paintings. She spoke carefully and eloquently, and seemed fully aware of the importance of this longstanding and innate ritual of women coming together to share, unload, encourage and uplift.

Begin with wine.

There’s something very unique and precious about a group of women who come into each others’ lives free of ego and malice, pure of heart and good intention. It too, is easiest to breathe among friends who have no expectation that you will fix their broken spirit or bear the entire weight of their burdens, but instead share in the equality of all of your accumulated wisdom.

Try a new entrée.

It is also truly special to be among women who help each other to navigate life’s difficulties; who listen without judgement; who reflect upon what has been said instead of offering up easy and dismissive solutions.

Breathe in the enticing aroma of cranberry and pomegranate decaf tea.

Laughter is not only plentiful, but healing among true friends. Kind words envelop like a warm embrace; criticism is doled out without jealousy or ill-will, and motive is pure and genuine.

I love these women: the one with the prettiest eyes; the one with the warmest of smiles; the one with the kindest of hearts. I am happy to call each of them friend. So, pairing this friendship with with the perfect balance of good food and great conversation feels superbly natural to me.

End with eternal gratitude 🙂

2 thoughts on “365 days of Gratitude: Dinner with Girlfriends

  1. Melissa

    Crystal…..Chasing Yellow as a book. Chicken soup for the soul: chasing yellow!!!!

    I truly look forward everyday to your new entry!!!


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