Huge Joy, Tiny Pleasures

Hunter and Jace have shared a room since Jace was out of my bed at about four months old.

There have been many configurations of their sleeping arrangements in four short years: crib and toddler bed, toddler bed and twin-size bed, two twin-sized beds, and finally bunk beds.

They are excellent roommates. There have been many nights that Jon and I have stood ears-pressed outside their door, trying to stifle hysterical laughter at the conversations these two have.

We’ve been impressed with their creative solutions to the longstanding dilemma of who gets to decide what they’re playing next and who’s making up the rules this time.

There have been countless nights that either Jon or I have had to get up and remind them to stop giggling or had Jayden come to us annoyed that she can’t fall asleep because of her brothers’ fooling around past bedtime.

Hunter has been begging me forever to let him sleep with Jace. I always had a reason as to why I wouldn’t let them: it was a school night; they’d never fall asleep; they’d end up fighting over space and blankets; one of them will fall out of bed; and of course there’s the fact that they already slept in bunk beds, so they already do sleep together.

Last night, I finally relented after they came to me together to present their case: It was the weekend, they promise they’ll go right to sleep and they couldn’t even imagine fighting over anything.

The way their faces lit up when I agreed, and the excitement they shared was palpable. The next few minutes was a flurry of grabbing blankets, arranging pillows, accounting for stuffed animals and deciding on who sleeps against the wall.

And then pure joy.

They really are best friends, these two.

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