I Was There

I was there.

At the dawn of the home computer, Walkman and video camera, we were little girls giggling at re-plays of our voices on cassette tape recorders.

In the days of  sipping from hoses and illuminated streetlights, we were chasing Dickie-Dee, and laying on carefully-placed blankets on the grass.

We called on our friends by knocking at their doors, and families were known by their last names. Mothers chatted out on their front lawns and every street had a block-parent.

I was there.

Before the grey of no running and no skipping ropes, we played Red Rover and British Bulldog at school. There were cooties and no touch-backs; kissing tag and four square.

We ran barefoot in yards that weren’t separated by fences, capturing grasshoppers and chasing toads. We watched tadpoles transform in puddles and in ditches – in the days before sunscreen.

I was there.

When birthday parties were held in backyards and basements, and cakes were homemade; when being invited to a sleepover was the height of status, and horror movies weren’t recreated from the headlines.

We walked to corner stores and bought penny candies, and had first kisses on the playground in the days when people still dressed up on Sundays.

I was there.


4 thoughts on “I Was There

  1. Don Howlett

    Crystal if you google on frozen ponds you might enjoy it. It was written by Marc Baril. He lives east of Ottawa.


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