Tribute to Karma

So, this is a slight departure from the type of stuff that I normally write, and it’s a little self-serving, but it’s still keeping within the theme of Gratitude. And I’m human, so this is the kind of stuff that I think about and feel some days, just like all of you do……don’t lie!

Today, I pay tribute to Karma.

Oh Karma, you sexy, vindictive, and exacting bitch, you!

I don’t mean the super, in-your-face, “I’ll show you!” kind of Karma. I mean, the much more clever and subtle, but equally pleasing Karma.

If you feel particularly persecuted, and think “Karma will get them!” take a closer look – Karma has likely been hard at work, long before you could even say “What goes around comes around!”

What could be worse, after all, than having all of the simple ingredients to make up a happy life, yet still find things to complain about?

What could be worse than the paranoia of constantly thinking that people are judging you?

What could be worse than always comparing yourself to others?

And worst of all, imagine the horror of always having to surrounded yourself with people like this, just so that you feel better in comparison?!

I can’t even fathom.

And listen, I’ve had my fair share of doses of Karma. Usually, I’ve seen it coming. I’ve done or said something, recognized that I had it coming, and paid for it.

But then I learned from it.

Karma is a swift and efficient lady. She doesn’t discriminate, and she will find them if she hasn’t already.

So just sit back and enjoy her magnificence 🙂

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