Rules For A Daughter


1. Never settle for mediocrity. You have been given an amazing mind, many talents, and opportunity. Use them.

2. Never let anyone tell you you’re too sensitive as though it’s a bad thing. Most people aren’t sensitive enough.

3. You are pretty. Some girls will hate you just because of that.

4. Because of this, you may also be assumed to be some or all of the following: mean girl, stupid, villain, conceited, easy, shallow. Don’t waste your time trying to convince people that you aren’t these things. Keep your head up and know that they are the fools.

5. Stay weird and quirky.

6. A group of three girlfriends always turns out bad.

7. Feel entitled to whatever you want. Women fought for decades for you to expect to have everything and do anything you want, so go get it!

8. You can be a scientist or a baker, a doctor or an archaeologist, or a painter or an oceanographer or an environmentalist, a teacher or a hairstylist. Follow your passion, not someone else’s.

9. Be aware of the passage of time. If you’re having an exceptionally good time, take a moment to file it in your memories; if you’re not, repeat the following: “This too, shall pass. This too, shall pass.”

10. There is no better feeling than falling in love, so do it as often as you want to, and do it big!

11. Don’t let a broken heat leave you jaded. Love again.

12. You can tell me anything. And although I may not always agree with you, I will never judge you.

13. I promise you that I understand how big a deal your love life is to you in grade six, grade nine, and grade 11.

14. Trust your instincts. You’ve inherited some good ones.

15. You don’t have to find a partner or have children.

16. If you want a partner, find one that makes you laugh and can hold a good conversation.

17. If you do have kids, ignore the judgement and do what is right for you and your family.

18. Enjoy food.

19. I you have just one really great friend, you’re a lucky girl.

20. Fill your brain with as much information as you can. It’s the only thing that can’t be taken away from you.


Oh! And go ahead a be a dreamer ๐Ÿ™‚

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