Stronger Than You Think

You’ve suffered blows, and lived everything that can make you bleed

But you’re stronger than you think.

From the time you curled your toes over the edge, hesitated, took a deep breath and jumped, it was in you.

You kept yourself going when someone let go, pedalled without assistance, felt the wind in your hair.

You survived the whispers and giggles from gaggles of girls telling you that you weren’t good enough, pretty enough, cool enough.

Stuck in daydreams, you went on after suffering broken hearts, even though you swore you’d never be able to love again.

You’re stronger than you think

Every time you felt the hurt, you got out of bed, showed up, and participated; you found the courage to hold on another day.

Entrapped and encaged, you left toxic relationships; walked away from people that hurt you.

When the four corners of the earth were closing in on you; the bottom was falling out from under you, you found your own way out and breathed again.

You silenced the voices that played on a loop in your head that promised you’d never escape and stay in that hole forever.

You held your gaze, found the will to surpass, fought with addiction; conquered tightening grips.

You ran marathons, conquered illness, delivered babies.

Every time you closed your eyes and trusted; or tore down walls, or looked fear in the face, or found the will to surpass…..

It’s because you are stronger than you think.

You always are.

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