Sun: Smack-Dab in the Middle of Winter


Sunshine in the Winter is in short supply in Canada.

Winters can be harsh and unforgiving. The wind bites at you and dampness settles right into your bones. There are days when it steals the breath right out of your chest. By the time we near the end of January, it can feel never ending.

But every so often, the sun comes out.

People have a real and tangible reaction to  sunny days – especially in the Winter. “Good mornings” come easier and smiles aren’t as hard to earn.

In January, the sun makes the dullness of dormant trees look instead like proud soldiers who have stood strong through many more winters than you have. They too, have resolved to be brave.

It casts a glitter all over the snow, to remind us that before it was sullied by salt and dirty tires, we just might have enjoyed how pretty it looked.

For those who really cannot stand Winter, sunshine awakens the part of them that gets sucked into despair.

For those of us who walk everyday, it feeds us, and recharges us just enough to make it until the next bit of sun.

Even on the coldest days, the sun serves to remind us that warmer weather still exists. It promises its grand return if you can just hold on for a couple more months..

We have this innate desire to seek out the sun. It’s why so many Canadians escape to warmer destinations one week at a time in the Winter.

And although it’s hard to reason as to why we don’t all live in tropical climates 365 days a year instead of suffering one more frigid day, remind yourself that there’s a price to pay for living in paradise. I’ll happily choose to find the good in Seasons instead :)

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