The Second Bath


Tonight I innocently tried to recreate the perfectly glorious bath I had last Friday night, hoping for relaxation, detoxification, inspiration.

I carefully retraced my steps, lighting candles, mixing salts and aromas, creating the perfect playlist.

I twisted my hair up into a messy bun, removed all traces of makeup, anticipated the steamy glow that made me look so young after marinating in the heat.

I dipped one toe into the perfectly full tub, and gasped.

The water was way too hot.

I turned on the cold water to balance it out a little.

My youngest knocked on the door to use the bathroom.


“All three of you, go to the bathroom now because I’m going to be in here for a while.”

One, two, three went.

The cold water still runs.

My husband asks me questions about renovating doors and baseboard and trim.

I rush back to turn off the cold water, dip a toe in.

It feels cooler now.

I turn on the music, inhale, and submerge myself.

It’s flipping FREEZING!

I bolt upright, extinguishing one of the candles with the splash.

Turn on the hot again.

But it’s no longer hot.

I sit there defiantly; telling myself it’ll warm up again; willing the hot water tank to heat my water.

I hug my legs but remain. Stubborn.

I will have my hot bath!

Another knock on the door.

“Mommy, I have to go to the bathrooooooooom!”

I turn off the music, blow out the candles, drain the water.

Look at myself in the mirror.

Search for the glow…..

Makes last week’s bath all the more memorable.

I am grateful that this was the most difficult part of today.

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