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She loves him still.

Especially in late September when fog hangs thick and low. When she allows herself to indulge in all the memories of what was supposed to be; when she closes her eyes long enough, he is right there with her.

She can’t remember how long ago she lost him, but when she spotted him this evening, everything that ever felt unfinished in her life rose up to face her. He was right there in front of her, slouched over his coffee in the same weighty posture he had before he grew older.

She stood there unmoving, watching him through the coffee shop window. She studied his furrowed brow and the way his lips paused to blow and cool his coffee. People were chattering all around him, but he didn’t seem to notice. He was so far away. Life had hardened his once boyish face, but his eyes were exactly the same.

He looked up as though he was willed to, and caught her staring at him.

Blood rushed up her chest, down her arms and through her fingertips. She lost all ability to breathe and the only thing she could hear was her heart pounding in her ears.

Yes, she loves him still.

You, Me and a Campfire, Babe.




It’s just me and you and a campfire, babe

Where my smile holds you like a lover

And we grip tightly, our peace.

Wrapped in thick and humid summer nights

Or chilly evenings in September

We are exactly where we are meant to be.

And all the world can spin around us

When it’s just you, me and a campfire, babe.

The flames dance with our dreams

Wishes smoulder in embers

Hopes and desires contained like a message in a bottle

And we’re making it up as we go along

We belong to the infinite sky

Where the stars eavesdrop on our deepest passions

And the future is getting shorter

But it’s just you, me and a campfire, babe.

Crickets chirp where we sit in the silent night

Everything around us can turn to stone.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing love in my life

But never quite so freely.

We’ve shared this space with friends and enemies

With music, food and wine,

But a little wink across the way

Signals that even still,

It’s just you and me and a campfire babe.

People spend their whole lives chasing our kind of love

And maybe it won’t always be here

But we’re working hard on forever.

Daily Prompt: True Vs False

Inspired by The Daily Prompt…..

Three things I know to be true:

  1. Hate is learned.
  2. Filling your mind with information guarantees at least one thing can’t be taken away from you.
  3. Most people are faking it.

Three things I know to be false:

  1. The rule that you have only one true love.
  2. The idea that people can’t change.
  3. The lie that all babies are beautiful.


Fat-bottomed girls

Should be making the rockin’ world go ’round

Don’t come nicely ’round here.

Thought you to be the snake, but a snake charmer instead

I’d call you a Godess, if any Goodness came of it

Spewing vitriol and venom

Planting seeds that spread like morning glory

I can’t even remember when friends were here together

I’m so far separated from it.

Feverish with jealously

Scratching at my back door

Longing to taste a piece of my snack,

The tune I hum.

Moaning of unrequited love

And husbands who don’t understand,

And bosses who are unfair

And children who don’t care




Stopped listening long ago.

I sit upon the rising sun.

I listen to the arguments in my head

The ones that I’ll forever leave unsaid

Because I’m not the instigator.

And you know that I’m right.

All along.

And now your arms and ammo are laid down

Time to harvest your own crops

Foolish women.

Silly, petty, stupid women.

Throwing missiles aimlessly,

Hoping something, anything would stick

Filling your eyeballs with more hatred than they can bare.

I don’t care for you anymore, Lady.

I’ll light the way gladly

Watch whistling winds and clouds disappear

Your shadowy delusions sink away

You wretched women

Reeking of yearning,

Of daddies who didn’t love enough

Of lovers who will never fill the void.

Sad, sad women.

Encasing yourselves in pity

Bathing in insecurities

Embracing each others’ dark whimsy

I’ve retired my defenses

Taken the stronger course

Suffered blows

But kept my poise.

Is not that bad.


Everyone secretly thinks I should get over it.

But I’m not ready to make nice.

Not until you come clean

Fat-bottomed women,

Make my fucking world turn ’round.


Compelled by nectar

The words come easier


The first one I can avoid with gritted teeth,

I can’t say no to the rest.

I follow in the footsteps of all the greats

The ones that are remembered with the best stories

It’s always so bitter after the first

But I’m honest.



Walked sorry miles

At the time I didn’t know

I didn’t know there’d be so few chances

It feels like tomorrow is infinite,

But really, someday never comes

There is purpose somewhere out there

Telling me of hope that’s somewhere far away

Where rain falls less.

I see you out there

You were always this enigma

Someone I wanted to know

Someone I needed to understand

But now I know.

This is who were are,

We could take pictures together

Perfect smiles,


And you’d tell me finally all I ever wondered

All I ever wanted to heal for my father

All the answers he sought at the bottom of the bottle

All the ache he managed in silence

You’d tell me who we all are.

Give me a bed to lie in

So I can stop chasing.