You, Me and a Campfire, Babe.




It’s just me and you and a campfire, babe

Where my smile holds you like a lover

And we grip tightly, our peace.

Wrapped in thick and humid summer nights

Or chilly evenings in September

We are exactly where we are meant to be.

And all the world can spin around us

When it’s just you, me and a campfire, babe.

The flames dance with our dreams

Wishes smoulder in embers

Hopes and desires contained like a message in a bottle

And we’re making it up as we go along

We belong to the infinite sky

Where the stars eavesdrop on our deepest passions

And the future is getting shorter

But it’s just you, me and a campfire, babe.

Crickets chirp where we sit in the silent night

Everything around us can turn to stone.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing love in my life

But never quite so freely.

We’ve shared this space with friends and enemies

With music, food and wine,

But a little wink across the way

Signals that even still,

It’s just you and me and a campfire babe.

People spend their whole lives chasing our kind of love

And maybe it won’t always be here

But we’re working hard on forever.

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